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All of the videos available on the OMII-UK website are collected together on this page.

Success stories

European middleware interoperability demonstration

  • The demonstrator shown in this video as initially unveiled by our NGS partners at OGF27 in October. Using a single BES++ client provided by Platform Computing, the demonstrator orchestrates the execution of a physics application across different middleware deployments (GridSAM, UNICORE and ARC), with the intent to identify charges within a plasma.

Organic crystal research overview

  • In this video, computational chemists at University College London, describe how they are using new e-Science techniques to research the behaviour of organic compounds. OMII-UK developed a system which is used by the UCL researchers to quickly and accurately finding polymorphs (different structures) of compounds which effect how the compound behaves.

Organic crystal research software demonstration

  • This video shows the OMII-UK developed CPOSS being used to determine potential crystal structures at UCL.

Bioinformatics using Taverna and myExperiment

  • Bioinformatics researchers at the University of Manchester, in collaboration with the myGrid Consortium, use the Taverna Workbench and the myExperiment virtual research environment to assist with the analysis and sharing of data relating to sleeping sickness (Trypanosomiasis) in African cattle. The myGrid team who develop the Taverna Workbench are one of the three OMII-UK sites.


Software Sustainability: Looking Past the Myths

  • See the full video here
  • Sustainability is the ultimate goal for any software. If a future for software is not secured, the time and money invested in its development is wasted. With this level of importance placed on software sustainability, it is no surprise that a number of myths have sprung up around how to achieve it.

Software demonstrations

Campus Grid Toolkit

  • An overview of Campus Grid Toolkit which allows you to access and control your compute and data resources.

JSDL Applications Repository

  • Share job-submission expertise and benefit from the expertise of others with OMII-UK's JSDL applications repository. This video shows how the JSDL applications repository was used to allow more computing processing power for chemistry research.

OSCAR overview

  • OSCAR produces semantic annotation of chemistry documents. It uses natural-language processing to identify terms related to chemistry, which allows fast and efficient extraction of chemistry information.

OSCAR demonstration

Rapid overview

  • Jano van Hemert and Jos Koetsier discuss their Rapid software at the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2009.

Rapid demonstrations

  • This video shows the RapidSeis portal that enables the use of Seismic Data eXplorer within the web portal of the Network of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology.
  • An overview of the Rapid software
  • This video shows installation of Rapid and the creation of a simple portal for image manipulation.
  • This video shows how a Rapid portal provided chemists with straightforward access to specialist chemistry software.

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