Software Overview

To make it easy to find the software that you need, the following page lists our software packages in groups that share similar functionality. If you know what software you want, you can go straight to our download page.

  1. Conduct research with workflows
  2. Control how and where your processing is executed
  3. Control access and sharing of information
  4. Annotate chemical documents
  5. Make videoconferencing easy
  6. Locate the Web Services that you need
  7. Provide secure access to your data
  8. Make Web Services accessible
  9. Run perl-based Web Services
  10. Archive your back up files

Legacy software is also available.

Conduct research with workflows

Taverna WorkbenchUses workflows to represent the processing steps of a virtual experiment. Workflows can be shared and developed with the rest of the community, preventing duplicated effort and improving efficiency.More informationDownload
OMII-BPELA workflow engine that uses the BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) standard. This means that your workflows can easily interact with a wide variety of different groups, because the BPEL standard is widely used in industry.More informationDownload
WHIPProvides an infrastructure for sharing workflows with other researchers.More informationDownload

Control how and where your processing is executed

GridSAMAllows you to submit jobs (i.e. processing of some kind) to the different computational and data resources that are available to you.More informationDownload
AHEA job submission Web Service that provides a set of generic commands to make it easier to submit a job to different types of resources simultaneously.More informationDownload
JSDL Applications RepositoryA repository of job submission documents that can be searched for by category of interest, a GUI editor for graphically editing the documents and a job submission and monitoring interface that is not tied to any particular set of Grid middleware.More informationLive deployment available from NGS

Control access and sharing of information

OGSA-DAIHelps you access and integrate data from many different sources via the grid.More informationDownload

Annotate chemical documents

OSCAR3OSCAR3 is software for the semantic annotation of chemistry papers.More informationDownload

Make videoconferencing easy

PAGMakes videoconferencing easy. It automatically configures the Access Grid videoconferencing software so that it is easy to use, resistant to change and portable.More informationAccess the reference installation
AVATSAutomatically keeps Access Grid and PAG up to date with the latest software and hardware developments.More informationDistributed as part of our PAG software

Locate the Web Services that you need

GrimoiresA directory service for Web Services. It allows you to search for a Web Service with a specific functionality that you need for your research.More informationDownload

Provide secure access to your data

NDG SecurityAn infrastructure for locating data, exploring what is known about datasets, and accessing, manipulating and visualising environmental datasets.More information

Make Web Services accessible

RapidRapid is a unique way of quickly designing and delivering web portal interfaces to applications that require computational resources, such as utility computing infrastructures or high-performance computing facilities. It focuses on the requirements of the end-user by designing customised user interfaces for domain-specific applications that allow users to achieve particular tasks.More informationDownload
OMII-SAGAA programming interface that provides a common Grid functionality to tame the dynamic, heterogeneous and complex nature of the Grid.More informationDownload
OGRSH The Open Grid Shell, or OGRSH, is a classic software shim that provides users (and more importantly, users' legacy applications) with the illusion of a single, consistent local name space (or file system). This virtual namespace provides legacy access to both local file systems and grid file systems seamlessly.More informationDownload

Run perl-based Web Services

WSRF::LiteA container Web Service that allows you to run WSRF-compliant Web Services written in Perl.More informationDownload

Archive your back up files

DiaserArchive the information stored on your system and ensure long-term data security at minimum cost.More informationDownload

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