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OMII-UK provides free, open-source software to the e-Research community. OMII-UK's software covers a wide range of e-Research functionality: everything from management of data and information, videoconferencing and the execution of workflows and jobs. We also provide the infrastructure on which other software can be based.

Acknowledging OMII-UK

If you make use of OMII-UK resources in your research, we would be grateful if you could acknowledge this use in any resulting publications. We suggest using the following text:

OMII-UK resources contributed to the production of this work. 
OMII-UK is funded by EPSRC through the UK e-Science Core 
Programme and through the JISC.

Please contact for help or further details concerning acknowledgement of OMII-UK.

Software Overview

With such a wide range of software available, it can be difficult to know which software best suits your needs. The Software Overview page collects all of our software into groups of similar functionality, and provides a short overview of each package to help you choose the most appropriate for your needs. Links to further information and downloads are also listed on this page.


Once you've decided on the software that you would like to use, download it for free from our downloads page.


The LiveCD allows you to run demonstrations of Campus Grid Toolkit and Rapid without the need to install and configure the software. It is the perfect way to test out the software. The LiveCD is a Linux install that boots from CD and uses only system memory (i.e. RAM) for operation.

Instructions for using and downloading the LiveCD.

Software deployed on the UK National Grid Service

We offer some services using OMII-UK software in collaboration with the UK National Grid Service:

GridSAM endpoints to the NGSMore information
NGS Applications RepositoryMore information
OGSA-DAI data servicesMore information
National Services Registry (based on Grimoires)More information
Portlet Access Grid test serverReference Service

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