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The OMII-UK Newsletter is keeps you up to date with the latest developments at OMII-UK and in the e-Research field in general. With over 2000 unique downloads per issue, the newsletter is the perfect way of getting in touch with the eResearch community.

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The OMII-UK Newsletter benefits from a regular readership of around 2000, and is widely distributed at key conferences. It is a fantastic medium to get in touch with researchers, funding bodies and other interested parties in the fields of e-Research, Grid and open source.

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£4.2 million has been awarded by EPSRC to set up the Software Sustainability Institute (SSI). In this month's newsletter, Neil Chue Hong, the Director of the SSI, describes his plan for sustaining software developed by the research community.

Inside the newsletter, we hear about the e-Science Institute's recent theme on climate change from Iain Coleman, a science writer based at the University of Edinburgh. We also hear from the University of Cambridge's Bruce Beckles who suggests that e-Research could benefit from an investment in the teaching of basic computing skills.

The back page is dedicated to some of OMII-UK's recent successes: the interoperability demonstrator which uses compute resources from around the world, and BioPortal, a project that recently contacted OMII-UK developers to say thanks for the 'excellent and timely support'.

In this month's newsletter:

  • Ensuring a bright future for research software
  • What we need to know about climate change
  • Research needs to focus on basic computing skills
  • European interoperability goes global
  • BioPortal benefits from excellent support


All articles from September 2008 to the present date can be found on the wiki archive.

Alternatively, individual issues of the newsletter can be accessed through the links below.

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