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The OMII-UK Newsletter provides the latest news about OMII-UK and the e-Research community. It is released quarterly: typically in March, June, September and December.


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A recent team photo taken during October 2008 is provided on this page. Other photos can be provided on request.

Notes for Editors

OMII-UK's mission is to cultivate and sustain community software important to research.

OMII-UK began life in 2004. It is distributed over three world-class research sites within the UK: the IAM group at the University of Southampton, the OGSA-DAI group at the University of Edinburgh and the myGrid group at the University of Manchester.

We are an open-source organisation which provides free software for use in all disciplines of research. We help new users to get started with e-Research, which is large-scale research is performed through distributed, global collaborations enabled by the Internet.

OMII-UK provides the software that is needed for e-Research. Our software covers everything from the management of data and information, vidoeconferencing and the execution of workflows and jobs. We also provide the infrastructure on which other software can be based.

OMII-UK help to guide the development of e-Research by liaising with national and international organisations, e-Research groups, standards' groups and - of course - the e-Researchers themselves.

More information

More information can be found on our website. Our quarterly newsletter describes the many successes achieved through the use of our software in many projects from all round the world.

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