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The following tutorials are provided to help you get up-and-running with our software.

Tutorials for Software Components

Tutorials for OMII-UK's Software Components are accessed through Tutorials tab on the appropriate software page. Tutorials are available for:

Other tutorials


Introduction to JAX-WS tutorial.

The Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS) is an API proposed by Sun Microsystems as a replacement for their earlier JAX-RPC API. Version 2 of JAX-WS is Java Specification Request 224 (JSR 224).

Historically the OMII-UK Development Kit has used Apache Axis 1 for SOAP handling. Axis 1 provides an implementation of JAX-RPC, but not of JAX-WS. Current components in the OMII-UK toolkit typically use a mixture of JAX-RPC and proprietary Axis 1 APIs to generate and process SOAP... read more

Notes on Running a Globus 4 Web Application in the OMII-UK Secure Web Services Container

Globus 4 Web Application tutorial.

The OMII-UK Secure Web Services Container is a Servlet container configured for convenient deployment of secure SOAP Web Services. More concretely it is an Apache Tomcat Web server, packaged with a set of installers that configure some default security policies. It also comes with installers for a suite of software components, most of which have been developed under the OMII-UK Commissioned Software programme. Most of these components run within the container... read more

Training events from NeSC:

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