OMII-UK is part of a wide e-Research community, made up of our users, PALs, Commissioned Software Partners, beta testers and the other groups with which we participate. We engage with our community in a number of ways to ensure that we reflect the community's needs in our software and our support.

Acknowledging OMII-UK

If you make use of OMII-UK resources in your research, we would be grateful if you could acknowledge this use in any resulting publications. We suggest using the following text:

OMII-UK resources contributed to the production of this work. OMII-UK is
funded by EPSRC through the UK e-Science Core Programme and through the JISC.

Please contact for help or further details concerning acknowledgement of OMII-UK.

Collaborations Workshop

The Collaborations Workshop is a workshop that provides attendees with the knowledge, contacts and information needed to generate successful collaborative e-Research partnerships.

Obtaining funding

The OMII-UK Commissioned Software Programme (CSP) commissions developers to provide software that fulfils requirements that we have identified in the UK e-Research community.

The Commissioned Software Programme page provides more information on how to obtain funding.

Calls for software

When a need for a particular type of software has been identified, we will advertise a call for software on our website.

Contributing to OMII-UK.

OMII-UK runs a User Board and Open User Forum to get feedback from our users. We also run PAL and Beta-tester programmes for users that wish to become more active members of the OMII-UK community.

The Contributing to OMII-UK page gives details on how to join our community programmes.

Mailing lists

Two mailing lists are available for the OMII-UK community. One is used to announce news, and the other is used by the community to discuss OMII-UK software.

Project Catalogue

OMII-UK's software is stored in the Project Catalogue. The catalogue also stores the details of e-Research projects that we think may be useful to e-Researchers, but are not directly connected with OMII-UK. The catalogue can be used to identify potential collaborators or find software that may be useful to your research.

OMII-UK maintains the Project Catalogue for the benefit of the e-Research community, but we do not test the non-OMII-UK software that is contained within it.

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