About Us

OMII-UK is an open-source organisation that empowers the UK research community by providing software for use in all disciplines of research. Our mission is to cultivate and sustain community software important to research. All of OMII-UK's software is free, open source and fully supported.

Feel free to contact us if you have any enquires.

What we do

We help new users to get started with e-Research, we provide the software that is needed, and if the software does not exist, we can fund developers to create it. We also help to guide the development of e-Research by liaising with national and international organisations, e-Research groups, standards' groups and - of course - the e-Researchers themselves.

We are funded by various groups, including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Joint Information Systems Committee.

If you would like to learn more about OMII-UK, an overview of what we do and who we are is provided on the New to OMII-UK page.

Acknowledging OMII-UK

If you make use of OMII-UK resources in your research, we would be grateful if you could acknowledge this use in any resulting publications. We suggest using the following text:

OMII-UK resources contributed to the production of this work. OMII-UK is
funded by EPSRC through the UK e-Science Core Programme and through the JISC.

News and Events

Read the latest news and events related to OMII-UK.

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