e-Science: past, present and future, volumes I and II

Compiled and edited by Paul Watson, Anne Trefethen and Elizabeth Vander Meer. Published August 2010. Special offer price per issue GBP47.50 (usual price per issue GBP58).

e-Science is about global collaboration in key areas of science, and the next generation of computational infrastructure that will enable it. These two volumes contain selected papers from the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting, which was held in Oxford, UK, in December 2009. This meeting has become the annual event where computational scientists and technologists come together to share, discuss and advance the exciting research that has grown out of the UK e-Science Programme.

The papers in these volumes illustrate the breadth and depth of e-Science, and show why it is revolutionising the way in which science is carried out. The areas covered include: social sciences, arts and humanities; medical and biological sciences; physical and engineering sciences; environmental and Earth sciences; sharing and collaboration; distributed and high performance computing technologies; data and information management; user engagement and foundations of e-Science.

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