GridSAM 2.3.0 has been released

We are pleased to announce the release of GridSAM 2.3.0. This release represents the output from the first of the 2.3.x series of developer releases.

GridSAM 2.3.0 can be downloaded from SourceForge. See the new installation quickstart guide on how to get started.

The new release focuses on making GridSAM independent of the OMII-UK Campus Grid Toolkit (CGT). With this in mind, the client distribution now comes as a simple zip file. Besides GridSAM, the client distribution contains parts of the OMII-UK CGT client and a selection of the examples and demonstrations previously found in CGT. The client zip file can simply be unpacked and used.

The service now comes as a single WAR file, which can be deployed easily, and is configured by default to run jobs locally. Some familiar configuration tools have been added from CGT, as well as some support libraries. The service can now be deployed multiple times within the same container since all the configuration information and dependencies are contained within the local web application. This change allows for different endpoints to be configured within the same container to submit to different back-end compute resources. Further support for JSDL resources have also been added.

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