'The Fourth Paradigm' - new e-Research book is free to download

The UK e-Science programme always recognised the importance of data. 'The Fourth Paradigm' recognises that data-intensive science is dramatically changing the way research is performed, and is an excellent compendium of progress with this new approach. It is also dedicated to the memory of Jim Gray, who christened data-intensive research 'The New Paradigm', who shaped the transactional model of databases we all depend on, who led Microsoft into supporting the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and into developing new database technology to support data-intensive research. Sadly, Jim was mysteriously lost at sea in January 2007.

The book has several connections with UK e-Science since the prime mover and first editor is Tony Hey. OMII-UK PIs, Carole Goble and Dave De Roure, have both written chapters in the book and are attending the book launch at the Microsoft e-Science conference in Pittsburgh today.

The book is available for free download from the website:

In addition, the New York times also had a highly relevant article this week:

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